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Where To Find The Largest Variety Of Seafood In Texas

While Texas is known for its tasty Tex-Mex, you can still find something to suit your palate if you’re a seafood lover.

Texas, it’s like a whole other country. Or at least that was the tagline from the 1992 Texas tourism ad that might still be floating through your head.

While Texas is known for its tasty Tex-Mex, you can still find something to suit your palate if you’re a seafood lover. In this article, we’ll talk about where to find the largest variety of seafood in the state to hit the spot.

So whether you’re just passing through Texas, or you’re a local, you’ll want to read on for your key to rich and tasty seafood!

Should I Stick to the Beach to Find the Best Seafood?

Texas isn’t necessarily known for its beaches, but it does have a few. And those of us who live in Houston or nearby know that it is well known for its amazing seafood, as well as its gorgeous natural features.

If you’re looking for quality seafood in the state of Texas, you can find it in most cities, but those by the sea itself have the largest selection. This is because they can catch the fish fresh, or contract with a company who does so.

Therefore, sticking by somewhere that is in close proximity to the water will mean a larger variety of seafood.

Is Dallas the Place to Go for the Most Diverse Types of Seafood?

Dallas is a world-famous city, partially because of its prestige with the Dallas Cowboys, their cheerleaders and the former ’80s TV show of the same name.

There are many well-to-do individuals in Dallas, which would make one reasonably think that there’s a huge variety of seafood there.

We’ve already discussed how sticking to the beach is your best bet, but you probably know there’s no shortage of award-winning seafood in the big city.

While Dallas does have its fair share of amazing eateries, and we do suggest you try some of them if you’re passing through Texas, the seafood around Houston truly can’t be topped.

While it doesn’t take fishermen too long to get their wares to Dallas, here, they’re even fresher.

What Restaurant Has the Largest Variety of Seafood?

We can’t lie, there are lots of amazing seafood restaurants here in Houston and the surrounding areas. As we mentioned above, access to the beach means we’ve got no shortage of fresh catches.

But, if you’re looking for something to really suit everyone’s palate, have a look at the menu at CrabDaddys’s.

The best part about CrabDaddys’s is that although it is based in Texas, you get a little bit of that Louisiana goodness right there on the menu. Itching for some Louisiana homestyle cooking? We’ve got it. What about some gumbo or Cayenne Creole? We’ve got that, too.

And, if you’ve got someone in your party who isn’t a fan of seafood, we’ve got some great items that land lovers will surely appreciate.

Contact us now to reserve you a table today and enjoy some of the largest variety of seafood in Texas!