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Where Can I Get Fresh Seafood Near Me? A Guide to Buying Fresh Fish Near Houston

Laissez bon temps rouler! It’s officially spring and the start of crawfish boil season.

If you’re like any Houstonian, you’re ready to get your hands on those succulent crawfish, shrimp, corn, potatoes, and sausage.

But you also gotta make sure that you’re getting the highest quality fish out there. Whether you’re looking for crawfish or catfish, you know that high-quality fish is the difference between a decent event and a great one.

If you’re wondering “where can I get fresh seafood near me,” then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn where to get fresh fish!

Check Social Media

One of the best indicators of seafood’s quality is the merchant’s online reputation. In today’s age of social media, people absolutely love posting online reviews and checking out the hottest spots.

Check out Yelp! and Google reviews. The perk of using Yelp! is that you can check a user’s review history to see if you agree with their other opinions. Yelp! also lists the number of reviews a person has posted by their user information. The more reviews they’ve posted, the more credible their reviews!

Log on and eat up!

Can You Buy Them Live?

Since we’re on the topic of crawfish, let’s talk about prepping for a crawfish boil. The key ingredient to a crawfish boil is, of course, fresh crawfish. But any Houstonian worth their salt knows that you gotta start with live crawfish.

If you’re looking for fresh seafood, then a good sign of a reputable fishmonger is one that sells fish in the proper condition for consumption. Skip fishmongers who try to sell you crawfish that aren’t live.

Look for large, clean crawfish — they shouldn’t be muddy. Then take them home and spice them up for a tasty boil.

Do They Serve It Up, Too?

A sure sign of a seafood company that stands behind their product is one that cooks it up, too. An attached cafe, restaurant, or deli shows that these guys know their product and they’re proud of it, too.

You also get to try the fish before you invest a significant amount of money in a large order. So don’t be shy about sitting down with a nice plate of fried catfish or grilled shrimp before putting your order in at the market. You’re just doing your research.

Where Can I Get Fresh Seafood Near Me? CrabDaddys!

Whether you’re looking for fresh crawfish or someone to serve you an incredible seafood dinner, you’re going to find some incredible options in Houston. Look for good reviews online and plenty of options. Instead of asking “where can I buy fresh seafood near me,” you’ll be wondering “when can we eat?!”

If you’re in the market for fresh seafood, then you’ve come to the right place. CrabDaddys Seafood, Steakhouse, and Market has a delicious menu and plenty of fish you can take home and serve up on your own. Contact us today to see what we have available!