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11:00am-10:00pm Sun-Thu / 11:00am-11:00pm Fri & Sat

11:00am-10:00pm Sun-Thu / 11:00am-11:00pm Fri & Sat

Fresh Seafood and Ready to Serve at CrabDaddys

Not only does it have to be fresh, but you want quality and quantity.

We’ve all been there. The need for fresh seafood strikes and we don’t know where to go because seafood is one of those meals that can go wrong quickly. Not only does it have to be fresh, but you want quality and quantity. The list just got exponentially smaller.

With the average American eating about 15.5 pounds of fish every year, many restaurants opt for some kind of fish entree on their menu. Just because it’s there though, doesn’t mean you want to eat it!

A quick Google search of “seafood restaurants near me” will turn up some good and not so good options. They might have the quantity factor you are looking for but someone in your family wanted crab legs while you are craving crawfish. Maybe the restaurant boasts fresh seafood but you can’t be certain what ‘fresh’ really means to them.

This whole ordeal can have you changing your mind about wanting to go out for seafood quickly. This is a shame because going to a restaurant is one of America’s favorite pastimes with 11% of us going out to eat with friends once a week.

Don’t get disheartened, the right seafood restaurant for you is right around the corner! Luckily, if you live near Woodlands, TX, your search for the best seafood is over! CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse has you covered with everything fresh and of the utmost quality. Their menu has everything from crawfish to crab and even some gator thrown in!

From date nights to business lunches and of course family dinners, you’ll be visiting CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse all the time.

5 Reasons to Visit CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse.


  1. All You Can Eat Crab Legs
    Did you know that the typical American eats 0.52 pounds of crab every year? Well, now you can get your crab fix at CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse with it’s all you can eat crab legs! What’s not to love?
  2. Fresh Seafood Market
    CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse was an expansion of the Woodlands Seafood Market. Since they are right next to each other, you can do your fresh fish shopping and stop in for a delicious meal all in one outing!
  3. Largest Variety of Seafood
    Being located next to a fresh seafood market has its perks. Not only does CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse have seafood flown in from all points around the globe overnight, but they also have access to the market every day! Therefore their menu has any and all seafood you could ever want!
  4. Family Owned Seafood
    The Chagouris Family have been in the seafood and fish market industry since 1917. Not only are they experts in the industry, but they are also committed to providing the best seafood in the Woodlands.
  5. Family Friendly
    While CrabDaddys Seafood and Steakhouse is a great place for a unique and fun date night, the atmosphere is casual and friendly enough for a family outing as well. Share your love of all things seafood by starting the little ones early on a variety of fish flavors!