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The Dos and Don’ts of Ordering Seafood at a Seafood Restaurant

Seafood is an ideal diet with lots of lean protein, a relatively low calorie content, and a great number of minerals and vitamins.

Seafood is an ideal diet with lots of lean protein, a relatively low calorie content, and a great
number of minerals and vitamins.

According to Sally Morgan, a New York-based dietitian, seafood is a rich source of vitamins B12, D, and A as well as minerals such as Zinc and Iron. Also, fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon are all rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are associated with a reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, memory loss, and depression. As it is, Americans are already eating their way into a healthy future. In fact, an average American consumes 15.5 pounds of seafood every year.

When you search for “seafood restaurants near me” and finally find the perfect restaurant to go to, you may realize that ordering in such restaurants can be intimidating in the first days of trying seafood. Being unfamiliar with seafood items and the terms used in the menus can make it a challenge to place an order. The cooking methods used and concerns about allergies worsen the problem because you have to ensure that you select seafood dishes that are suitable for your dietary and health needs.

Here are six insightful tips to help you select seafood dishes after you complete your search for “seafood restaurants near me.”

Order food that is in season from the fresh seafood market

Freshness is an important factor if you want to enjoy the best quality of seafood. It’s recommended to order seafood dishes and items such as shrimp, crab, lobster, and scallops when they are in season. If you order in season, these foods will contain more nutrients and they will taste better and be more nourishing because they will be fresh.

Mind your allergies

In spite of being nutritious, seafood often causes allergies for some people. Therefore, if you know that you’re allergic to shellfish, fish, or any other kind of seafood, you should make your server aware of it. If you order different dishes that you’re not allergic to, it’s prudent to inquire whether the dishes were prepared in the same workspace with the other foods that you’re allergic to. The response from your restaurant attendants should help you to avoid aggravating your allergies.

Only go raw in the right seafood restaurants

If you’re taking seafood that is served raw, such as pan-seared tuna or sushi, there should be no room for errors in preparation and storage. Poor and unhygienic storage and preparation of such seafood can lead to serious bacterial infections that can be detrimental to your health. That is why you should only order such dishes at specialty restaurants you find when you search “seafood restaurants near me.” The chefs in specialty seafood restaurants are more familiar with the process of preparing such seafood to prevent infections. However, you can safely order common seafood dishes such as cooked shellfish at any reputable restaurant.

Understand the source of the restaurant’s seafood

Most seafood restaurants display their seafood-sourcing information on their menus. However, if it isn’t displayed you can ask your server. As a rule of thumb, always avoid imported or farm-raised types of seafood. This is because they are often of poor quality because they are raised in less-than-ideal conditions.

Find out the delivery date

It’s common advice that you shouldn’t order fish on Mondays. This is partly because most restaurants in regions far from coastal areas get their seafood supplies between Saturday and Tuesday. However, the delivery schedules change and you should ask your server whether the delivery was made on the same day.

Trim the skin and fat to avoid exposure to pollutants

Some seafood tends to have certain levels of pollutants, which often adhere to the skin and fatty tissues. As such, mind your servings by trimming the skin and doing away with the fat from your fish dishes to lower your exposure to pollutants.

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